The Garment Industry in Sri Lanka
Why Sri Lanka?
The little island that clothes the world

Sri Lanka’s apparel industry has grown to be one of the largest contributors to the export revenue of the country. The country having established itself as a reliable supplier of quality garments at competitive prices, also upholds ethical practices backed by legislation, thus being identified as a producer of “garments with no guilt”

Being the single largest employer in the manufacturing sector the apparel industry provides close to 75% of Sri Lanka’s employment either directly or indirectly. The industry has been positioned as a socially responsible and preferred destination for apparel sourcing.  Sri Lanka is also the only outsourced apparel manufacturing country in Asia having signed up to 30 of the ILO conventions. It stands out as a reliable source that pays fair wages to its workers while discouraging sweat shops and child labor in its businesses.

Environmental issues too are given precedence, thus ensuring that raw material used in the manufacturing of garments have passed all the standards specified and approved by high street customers; this has gone a long way in creating a friendlier and more sustainable environment.

The Industry itself, after decades of assembling garments together is now moving towards positioning itself as a ‘fashion’ industry.

One of the key advantages of sourcing from Sri Lanka is the island’s central and advantageous location which facilitates the shortest shipping time to Europe, which under normal circumstances takes less than 16 days.